Magnificent Greens campsite is all about choosing your own spot to place your tent with your friends! What better way than to wake up the next morning surrounded by people from all over the world that share good vibes! It also gives you access to The Gathering. PS. Don’t forget to bring your own tent!

  • Return flight (your chosen city)
  • Full Madness regular pass for 3 Days
  • Access to Dreamville for 5 days
  • Access to The Gathering
  • Access to Dreamville Marketplace
  • Meet & Greet
  • Transfers from/to airport
  • Taxes & Fees
  • Tent
  • Shipping fees
  • City Tax

You can upgrade your TML package by choosing from our extra services with extra fees for each service as below:


  • Accommodation (Multiple Options)
  • Travel insurance
  • Bracelet Shipping
  • Visa Consultation
  • Airport transfers:  A private car will pick you up from/to the airport with 3 persons maximum for 1 car. Multiple cars will be needed for larger groups.


  • Festival transfers:  Daily group transfer to and from the festival. There will be station within walking distance from your hotel, please check the below map and bus schedule for more details.
  • Day 1 : 20th / 27th July
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   11:00 AM
    Tomorrowland – Brussels :   01:30 AM
  • Day 2 : 21st / 28th July
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   11:00 AM
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   01:00 PM
    Tomorrowland – Brussels :   01:30 AM
  • Day 3 : 22nd / 29th July
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   11:00 AM
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   01:00 PM
    Tomorrowland – Brussels :   12:30 AM
  • We give you the chance to roam around the most incredible European cities for a better travel experience.
    You can choose either one or two cities to visit after the festival as explained below:

 I. FIRST CITY: 3 nights directly after TML on the dates:
(23rd July – 26th July) for the first weekend 1 OR (30th July – 2nd August) for the second weekend

FIRST CITY options are:

1-   Amsterdam

2-   Barcelona

3-   Ibiza


II. SECOND CITY: 2 nights after the FIRST CITY on the dates below:
(26th July – 28th July) for the first weekend OR (2nd August – 4th August) for the second weekend

SECOND CITY options are:

1-   Amsterdam

2-   Barcelona

3-   Ibiza


Thursday the 19th and 26th of July(Day 01)<strong>

11:00 AM: check in at Dreamville or you Hotel after your flight.
  • There is an amazing pre party called ‘DreamVille The Gathering’ that you will have access to.

Friday, the 20th and 27th of July(Day 02)

12:00 PM: It is the opening of Tomorrowland. To check the line up, kindly click HERE

1:00 AM: Tomorrowland’s first day has finally come to an end. Get yourself a goodnight sleep!



Saturday, the 21st and 28th of July(Day 03)

12:00 PM: It is the second day of Tomorrowland, put on your best outfit and start your day!

1:00 AM: The day is over, time to head back to your tent after a long day of raving.


Sunday, the 22nd and 29th of July(Day 04)

12:00 PM: Enjoy every moment you spend at Tomorrowland as this is your last day.

1:00 AM: Farewell Tomorrowland, see you next year.


Monday, the 23rd and 30th of July(Day 05)

12:00 PM: Everyone must check out of Dreamville before 12:00 PM.

We hope you had a great weekend!
Tomorrowland KSA