Easy Tent really does make your life easier! This campsite already has a limited edition tent just for you that includes an air mattress, a sleeping bag and small light.

Let’s not forget, you will also have access to the gathering!

  • Return flight (your chosen city)
  • Full Madness regular pass for 3 Days
  • Access to Dreamville for 5 days
  • Access to The Gathering
  • Access to Dreamville Marketplace
  • A limited edition Tomorrowland tent
  • A double air mattress
  • A sleeping bag per person
  • A night light and mirror
  • A lock for your tent
  • Separate sanitary facilities only for Easy Tent visitors
  • Meet & Greet
  • Transfers from/to airport
  • Taxes & Fees
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Bracelet shipping
  • City Tax

You can upgrade your TML package by choosing from our extra services with extra fees for each service as below:

  • Accommodation (Multiple Options)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bracelet Shipping
  • Visa Consultation
  • Airport transfers:  A private car will pick you up from/to the airport with 3 persons maximum for 1 car. Multiple cars will be needed for larger groups.
  • Festival transfers:  Daily group transfer to and from the festival. There will be station within walking distance from your hotel, please check the below map and bus schedule for more details.
  • Day 1 : 20th / 27th July
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   11:00 AM
    Tomorrowland – Brussels :   01:30 AM
  • Day 2 : 21st / 28th July
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   11:00 AM
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   01:00 PM
    Tomorrowland – Brussels :   01:30 AM
  • Day 3 : 22nd / 29th July
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   11:00 AM
    Brussels – Tomorrowland :   01:00 PM
    Tomorrowland – Brussels :   12:30 AM
  • We give you the chance to roam around the most incredible European cities for a better travel experience.
    You can choose either one or two cities to visit after the festival as explained below:

I. FIRST CITY: 3 nights directly after TML on the dates:
(23rd July – 26th July) for the first weekend 1 OR (30th July – 2nd August) for the second weekend

FIRST CITY options are:

1-   Amsterdam

2-   Barcelona

3-   Ibiza

II. SECOND CITY: 2 nights after the FIRST CITY on the dates below:
(26th July – 28th July) for the first weekend OR (2nd August – 4th August) for the second weekend

SECOND CITY options are:

1-    Amsterdam

2-    Barcelona

3-    Ibiza


Thursday, 19th and 26th of July (Day 01)

11:00 AM: check in at Dreamville after your flight.
  • There is an amazing pre party called ‘DreamVille The Gathering’ that you will have access to.

Friday, 20th and 27th of July (Day 02)

12:00 PM: It is the opening of Tomorrowland. To check the line up, kindly click HERE

1:00 AM: Tomorrowland’s first day has finally come to an end. Get yourself a goodnight sleep!


Saturday, 21st and 28th of July (Day 03)

12:00 PM: It is the second day of Tomorrowland, put on your best outfit and start your day!

1:00 AM: The day is over, time to head back to your tent after a long day of raving.


Sunday, 22nd and 29th of July (Day 04)

12:00 PM: Enjoy every moment you spend at Tomorrowland as this is your last day.

1:00 AM: Farewell Tomorrowland, see you next year.


Monday, 23rd and 30th of July (Day 05)

12:00 PM: Everyone must check out of Dreamville before 12:00 PM.

We hope you had a great weekend!