Let’s reveal the history of Tomorrowland themes!

Once upon a time, the beginning of Tomorrowland’s fairy tale was witnessed with the total of 10,000 people and a single stage. How crazy is it to imagine that Tomorrowland is officially the world’s largest music festival. Let’s take a trip down a memory lane and reveal the history of all Tomorrowland themes ever since it has begun.

Tomorrowland in 2005 until 2008

The first four years of the world’s largest music festival was not themed and included a single stage with an estimated crowd of 60,000 thousand.

The Masker

For the first time, Tomorrowland finally revealed the MASKER in 2009. It was the first theme Tomorrowland has created and built the main stage that shows a glimpse of the coming creative years.

The Zon

A year later, Tomorrowland became more creative with the concept of themes and stages. They have chosen The ZON which was related to the sun and the natural habitat of the shinning world. Back then, it was unique and special.

The Tree of Life

2011 was the year where the people of Tomorrow have officially entered the world of Tomorrowland. The Tree of Life was the first focused theme that was shot as a video discussing the ancient mythology with a narrator’s voice in the background.

The Book of Wisdom

Tomorrowland continues to turn the pages of the years passing by. In 2012, The Book of Wisdom tells the story of the Fairytale keepers. Who knew you can find magic in books? Well, It’s definitely only found in Tomorrowland’s world.

The Arising of Life

A new discovery was made by a brilliant scientist in 2013 which was The Arising of Life. Tomorrowland shared this journey with the world by focusing on the theme of the discovery of the new worlds.

The Key of Happiness

in 2014, the fairytale of Tomorrowland was about one man who could bring happiness and joy to people at times of darkness with a little help of a magical key which is known to be as The Key of Happiness.

The Secret Kingdom of Melodia

Very similar to the world of Narnia, the 10th edition of Tomorrowland’s fairytale takes us to The World of the symbolic land of Melodia & magic- The Secret Kingdom of Melodia. The place to experience and discover the magic in this world.

Elixir of Life

& the magic continued a year later, this time in search for the perfect ingredient to create the Elixir of Life that brings eternal bliss for the people of Tomorrow.

Amicorum Spectaculum

The magic world of the previous editions are finally over! The latest edition was all about the extravagant circus which was new to the world of Tomorrowland.

The Story of Planaxis

This year Tomorrowland will definitely be taking us to the under water world for a new discovery of what lies beneath the waves. LET THE BEAR take you to the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Will this 12 years of madness ever be stopped? We hope not as we all look forward to a new year with Tomorrowland.

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