4 Reasons to Visit Beirut in December!

Beirut, Lebanon’s Capital City is definitely one of the destinations you should mark down to visit. Not many leave the city without an eye opening and a memorable experience! If you are still doubting wether you should visit Beirut, here I will be writing down why it is an opportunity not to miss!

  • Let’s talk about Beirut’s Nightlife

The city in Beirut really does come to life when the night time comes! It is legendary for a reason especially the rooftop lounges and underground clubs like the exclusive Skybar- where you can watch the sun rise behind the mountains and reflect on the sea, Iris-the best place for sunset sessions, White- for amazing R&B music and sleepless nights and finally Bo18-  the right place for underground music! Just like they say dance the night away because no body does it better than Beirut and it’s people.

Speaking of nightlife in Beirut, here is the moment you all have been waiting for…!

For the first time ever in the Middle East, KYGO, the hype-master and electronic dance music superstar, is coming to Beirut on the 1st of December and that is not something you would want to miss out. For more information regarding KYGO’s concert please visit .


We all know Christmas is the most magical time of the year but Beirut is the place that makes it even ten times more magical during December. The entire city is filled with christmas decorations and lights that provide a magical christmas mood and vibe! Why not take a selfie or a dozen with beautiful christmas trees you can find in every corner in Beirut.


This is definitely dedicated to all the foodies out there! Lebanese food has hands down to be one of the most delicious cuisine in the world. Where better place to eat fattoush, Tabbouleh, Za’atar and barbecued chicken and meat than the country’s capital! You should definitely consider Em Sherif Restaurant, Abdel Wahab and Leila for mouthwatering dishes for a perfect christmas dinner with family and friends.

  • UP UP & AWAY

Pack your winter clothes, grab a bottle of red wine and rent a car for the perfect getaway to Faraya. Faraya is famous for it’s winter resorts and winter sports enthusiasts.  So many activities are available such as riding a tele freak while enjoying breath taking views of Faraya Village covered all in wonderful snow. Also, Skiing in Faraya could be the best experience you can ever go through since the mountain slopes are amazing. It definitely is a life time experience to have.

Without a doubt, Beirut, the city that never sleeps, should be your chosen destination everyday.

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